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We have worked with Joao Carlos for approximately 20 years and have known him to be totally honest, reliable and everything he does he does with a smile.  His help and advice have contributed to the successful running of our own business.

Lynne and Simon, Nottingham, England

"O profissionalismo, conhecimento e atitude proactiva apresentada durante o processo de angariação, mediação e contínua assistência pós transacção, justificam em pleno a minha opção pela JPP Properties (na pessoa do Sr. João Carlos), aquando da aquisição de um imóvel na região algarvia. Recomendo sem reservas a quem procure um parceiro de confiança no setor imobiliário no Algarve."
Alexandre Pereira

Águeda, Portugal

Alexandre Pereira

"Joao Carlos has got this fine balance of solid professionalism and vast knowledge of the Algarve real estate business on one hand and on the other he has got this attitude of there is never to much he can do for you in order to make your life easier.  Very reliable, trustworthy and service minded business man who gives all he has got to bring about solutions and results".

J O Gudmundson
Great Swifts Manor

J O Gudmundson
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